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Feb 19 2015

Contemporary Hi-Fi speakers Which Present the Gold Age of high-fidelity into the wireless Electronic Production
PR Newswire

MARLBORO, N.J., Sept. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- KEF has announced the debut of that the X300A Wireless Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System -- the wireless model of KEF's favorite X300A speakers.

KEF's X300A Wireless is a superior, lively layout combining all the benefits of the first X300A with the extra advantage of wireless streaming via Airplay or DLNA from many Apple or Android apparatus.

With KEF's award winning Uni-Q drivers, four committed amplifiers (2 per speaker inside this authentic active layout ), two different high quality DACs and a top resolution 96kHz/24-bit distortion-free electronic USB link in wired mode, the X300A Wireless has everything customers will need to flip into a simple digital background into a genuine audiophile atmosphere.

Configuring the X300A Wireless could not be simpler with the speedy and easy'installation wizard' (such as OS X and Windows), available for downloading from

Comparable with the very best pro-audio monitors in the marketplace nowadays, the KEF X300A Wireless includes two class AB audiophile-grade amps in each speaker, one for your LF/MF and one for HF. Since the high frequencies are pushed individually from the mid- and - low-frequencies, the noise is a lot cleaner in elevated levels.

The X300A's low noise and superb headroom and dynamic reproduction are possible due to the audiophile tier linear power source and toroidal transformer in every cupboard.

To ensure optimal performance, the X300A was created with the capacity to change between desk, free distance and desk/wall manners, to correct the equalization for place (stand and desk styles are selected with a switch on the back panel of the master speaker; wall style is corrected with a foam plug for your back port).

For true audiophile performance the X300A comes with a Uni-Q driver based from KEF's flagship Blade.

The X300A Wireless speaker today features two endings: Gunmetal and Linear White. Both modern finishes complement the most up-to-date in contemporary PC/laptop layout, and combine beautifully with almost any inside area.

Total Wireless Expertise: Stream music wirelessly from your own computer, Smartphone, tablet computer or other mobile devices via Airplay or DLNA.
High Fidelity Design: Double class AB amplifiers in each speaker; High quality, higher fidelity Toroidal transformer and power supply reduces interference and noise
Award-Winning Uni-Q Driver Tech: Derived from KEF's flagship Blade Loudspeaker
96kHz/24-bit HD Distortion-Free Digital USB Link: Ensures lossless high-resolution audio from source to output signal when in wired manner
Discrete, High-Quality DAC: in every speaker to get supreme electronic musical fidelity
Optimal Listening In a number of Set-ups: EQ change to personalize output for particular room placement
3.5millimeter Analogue Input: To be used with apparatus with non-digital apparatus without a wireless capability.
Easy To Use Setup Wizard: to get Apple (Mac OS X version 10.6 or after ) and Microsoft (Windows 7 or later) operating systems may be downloaded in
Around KEF

KEF's mission has always been the ongoing quest to discover a much better way to accurately reproduce sound. , KEF has preserved a flair for unconventional and contentious speaker technology, design and substance usage. KEF has ever pushed innovation in audio with illustrations including its legendary'egg', Muon and Blade speakers and, lately, the internationally recognized, award-winning LS50. KEF is a part of the Gold Peak Group and its products can be found in over 60 nations.

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