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Jan 08 2015

Free Online Audio Libraries Everyone Can Use

If you adore reading books, but the crazy rhythm of modern life leaves you no spare time, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up this hobby. It’s time to remember about audiobooks you can listen to while getting to work, cooking dinner, or cleaning your house. Now you can’t use the lack of time as an excuse not to read books. This activity gives people so many benefits and advantages, so not to use them would be foolish. Boosting the vocabulary, improving the brainwork, obtaining background knowledge — these are basic benefits of reading.
Audiobooks can greatly assist students who have to read tons of books but are too busy to do it. Reading improves a person's ability to express thoughts and ideas, so if you have difficulties with writing papers, deal with urgent tasks using professional assistance, and start reading or listening to more books. Finding a professional who can help you is easy. The thought like ”I need someone to write my paper” crossed the mind of each student at some point of his or her studying. And all who used professional help note that it made their lives easier.
If you don’t have extra money to pay for audiobooks, use some of the following links to access online audio libraries and download books for free:

Open Culture

This website claims to be the best cultural and educational media on the web. Open Culture contains a lot of free information that can be used in education, such as free courses, podcasts, books, and audiobooks. Here are almost 1,000 free audiobooks, and everyone can download them to listen to. Website contains both fiction and non-fiction pieces of literature. Have no time to study a particular subject? Visit site to order complicated assignments online, and download some necessary audiobooks to boost your knowledge in free time.


Librivox is a non-commercial project which aims to make all books in the public domain available for people. This service exists due to the efforts of volunteers. Any person from any country can become a volunteer for this service and distribute the pieces of literature. The number of books exceeds several thousand. Users can search them by language, author, genre, or title. Those who want to find out more about Librivox and set questions may visit the forum.

Loyal Books

Books should be free, and this service does everything to implement this statement into reality. More than 7,000 audiobooks are available on the website, including books in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, etc. A wide range of titles will let you find any book here. You can read reviews of other users on this or that book to decide whether it’s worth listening to or not.

Project Gutenberg

This project has a long history that started long before the creation of the Internet. Since the founder of this website is the creator of ebooks, the mission of Project Gutenberg is to promote this format of books. Ebooks on the website can be downloaded in mp3 format, suitable for listening to them. The number of books amazes — there are more than 60,000 titles.